Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my campaign website.  As a resident of our community, I have seen first hand how a great education system, from kindergarten to higher education, and strong public safety are the keys to economic prosperity.  The San Fernando Valley is a great community because of our exemplary efforts in these areas.

Clearly the state of California has fallen upon hard times.  It is more important now than ever before to have leadership in our state government hat understands how to make smart decisions to stretch every dollar and preserve our specialized programs and grow the economy.  As of June, 2013, the official unemployment rate is 9.2% in Los Angeles vs. 7.8% nationwide.  This is not acceptable.

With the cities of Stockton, San Bernardino and now Detroit in bankruptcy, which city is next ?  It will be my top priority to right our ship and do what is necessary to address the issues of unfunded pension and healthcare liabilities.  I will work to build a rainy day fund in the state to prevent the problems we have faced in the past and I will not vote for any bills that are blank.

I can be that leader with your support.  Please take a moment to read more about me, see the leadership positions I have held in our community and knowledge and experience to effectively represent the western San Fernando Valley in Sacramento.   I hope I can count on your vote on Tuesday September 17th.


Dennis DeYoung

P.S.  Campaigns are only successful with the financial support of the community.  Please consider making a donation.